Obsessing over nappies

My 5 month old baby has been in disposables up till now but I am shortly to begin experimenting with cloth nappies. Who knew that something so basically utilitarian – a cloth that catches poo – could also be so desirable? Truly we live in an age of plenty. Within days of deciding to investigate further I was reading about lanolising wool pants to make them waterproof, perving over the fantastic colour ranges available from Fuzzi Bunz and Totsbots, and bemoaning the apparently nationwide shortage of Stacinator leopard-print fleece wraps. This is just another clear indicator of my blagger’s soul; knowing just enough about something to make semi-coherent pronouncements with an air of authority, secretly hoping no one will press me further and reveal my lack of detailed research.

Still, I did promise myself that this year I’d cut back on such self-deprecation. So suffice it to say that I am mightily looking forward to receiving my shipment of Fuzzi Bunz from independent retailer Nappyzone. Mmmm, periwinkle.


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