Yesterday I had an odd moment. I was dancing Baby Bones around the living room to the sound of disc one of Aerial, and towards the end he nodded off in my arms. This left me alone to listen to ‘A Coral Room’, the final track, one that always makes me cry. Only this time I didn’t cry. I had a sudden warm wave of remembering that I love my mum, despite what she did. It was weird but kind of nice. I’ve been angry with her for so long, I had forgotten what it felt like.

Then again, motherhood is just one big emerald sea of sentiment. This morning I welled up midway through singing along with Leona Lewis’s cover of ‘Run’, ffs. After so many years of ruthlessly guarding my softest parts, it’s quite bizarre to find them so close to the surface. I can only hope this proves useful once I start bereavement counselling, otherwise it’s a lifetime of crying at RSPCA adverts and uplifting local news items for me. Not that I do that now, you understand.


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