Charity shop princess

I’ve never been one of those people who finds good stuff in charity shops. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t have the stones to make second hand stuff work. Like a moth to a paisley patterned flame, I am automatically drawn to the wacky so-bad-it’s-good racks and I suspect that is my downfall. You have to commit to that shit. As a student (when I had the legs to really work it too), I spent months lusting after an orange nylon playsuit that slouched sassily in the local vintage shop window. I used to walk up and down outside the shop, mooning like a teenager over their first crush. But I never quite made it inside to buy. Considering some of the stuff I used to wear out clubbing in those days, shyness wasn’t the issue. I can only conclude I was scared of making a statement.

On the rare occasion that I do find something I love, it generally doesn’t love me. Those 60s femmes were pretty tiny, eh? Or take this purchase from a few years ago:

Look at it! Isn’t it awesome? I bought it from a vintage fair in Leicester because I just couldn’t resist that print, also I harboured some notion that I would look like a coltish runway model striding down the city street in my boxy shift dress. But I am short and well rounded all over and when I put it on, it becomes a lifeless sack. It is also too long, but to alter it would be to ruin the impact of the print. Thus it has lived a sorry half-life, moving from wardrobe to wardrobe, ever since I handed over my tenner.

So given my historic bad decision-making and my refusal to pay £8.99 for a Primark top that probably cost £3 new, charity shops don’t often yield up their goodies to me. Yet still they draw me in with the promise that today might be the day that I find an unbelievable bargain, and in fact one day last week that promise finally came good.

This black skirt from Topshop is made of a silky cotton, falls in perfect pleats from a wide and comfortable waistband, and only cost me £5.49. Something about it reminds me of the illustrations from my childhood copy of A Little Princess. Oh, the hours I spent lost in description of her rainbow of beautiful frocks…even ending up with the servant’s outfit makes me smile a little more.


2 responses to “Charity shop princess

  1. You need to keep trying Suzy! Don’t give up! We need a vintage / charity shop specials event to pay homage to the charity shop specials, some useful, some funky and some bizarre (I have loads by the way as an avid charity shopper for many years – mostly successes but some strange – including one that I haven’t worn which either looks really, really cool or is in fact an old 70’s checkout operator outfit!)
    Anyway, keep going and get the frock on – I know you can do the coltish runway model striding down the city street in your boxy shift dress! Loving the blog, love Gailxxx

    • Haha, actually I wrote this post with you in mind. You are the most successful charity shop shopper I know! But then you’re the perfect shape for it.

      Totally up for a charity shop special night – we could runway and everything. Sadly the above dress has now been rehomed, but there is plenty more out there in the badlands of Sutton.


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